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Nanimon was hired by Myotismon, to train other digimon to join Myotismon's army.


Nanimon is a small Champion Level Digimon. All he is a head with arms and legs. He wears sunglasses, gloves, and boots, to make him look cool. He has black hair on the side, some for a mustash, beard, and under his pits.

Digimon Adventures 01

DemiDevimon hired a Nanimon to train some Numemon, Vegiemon and a Sukamon & Chuumon for Myotismon's army. Agumon and Palmon went undercover as PunkAgumon and ReggaePalmon to find a way for the DigiDestined to get into Myotismon's castle. The trainees were aware that Nanimon's head becomes full of bubbles when he drinks pop so a Numemon sneaked into a tower without him noticing and sent the bottles of pop out the window by parachute. When 5 of the DigiDestined's Digimon Digivolved to their Champion Forms, he and his students were scared off before Gatomon summoned the Devidramon to battle them. What happened to Nanimon is unknown.


  • Power Punch/Puncher
  • Power Drive

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