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Nanette Manoir

Nanette Manoir is the main antagonist of the animated cut-out series Angela Anaconda.

Nanette is a very snobby girl and a highly manipulative brat. She is considered the teacher's pet and often acts nice around the adults and has most wrapped around her finger.

However, around Angela and her friends, Nanette's true colors are revealed. She treats them poorly, gets Angela into trouble and acts superior around them.

Though Nanette is American, she is under the delusion that she herself is 100% French and speaks with a French accent. However, her knowledge of the French language is limited as she mistakenly believes some French words have other meanings. Despite the fact her ancestors could have immigrated to America from France, she honestly believes she is full blood French.

Her parents are very snobby as well and don't see how horrible their daughter is. Their snobbishness may be the reason she is a snob in the first place.

Since Angela often can't do anything about Nanette since the brat has such control over the adults, especially Mrs. Brinks, the teacher, Angela often fantasizes of revenge against Nanette.

Nanette has gotten in trouble on occasion with Mrs. Brinks such as the time she called Mrs. Brinks' birthday "nothing," but most of the time, is never punished for her misdeeds, well sometime she didn't get punish because  almost the time she get punish as well.

Like all the other characters on Angela Anaconda, Nanette is created and animated using computer-distorted cutouts of black-and-white photos of an actual person.

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