Vampire Nancy
Nancy Chambers
was a villainess from "Habeas Corpses," an episode of She-Wolf of London.

She was played by Marta DuBois.

Nancy Chambers was a divorce attorney who represented Ian in his "divorce battle" against Randi; in actuality, Ian and Randi were investigating a firm which turned out to be a den filled with vampire lawyers. Nancy ends up encountering Alan Decker, who is revealed to be the head vampire who represented and turned Karen Colfax. Though it is not shown on screen, Nancy ends up bitten by Alan, as blood is shown on her collar after their meeting. Nancy later encountered Ian, who was doing research on the vampires that he and Randi have been encountering, and reveals that she's made a deal with Alan, which includes Randi getting everything in their divorce. She later reveals herself as a vampire and attacks Ian, but he fights her off. Ian later grabs a fireplace poker and kills Nancy, who also ends up eletrocuted when she's hurled into the lights.