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The evillest demon known to man

Nanatoo is the antagonist in The Mighty Boosh episode Nanageddon, she is an old demon who the gang manage to accidentally summon.

Vince and Howard are trying to impress some goth girls with dark magic, and end up picking a random spell from Naboo's book. This summons a seemingly nice old lady and this makes the goth girls laugh at them and walk away. when they return, she is gone and so is the book.

Naboo informs us she's a five star demon who wants to use the book to raise an evil army of nanas, or 'nanageddon'. When the escapade gets Naboo in trouble with other shamans, Howard and Vince go searching for her to get the book back. She walks down the street, innocently asking men directions, only to stab them in the neck with her needles, or slitting men's necks with a bus pass.

They spot her at a bingo hall where she kills a shaman by wrapping him in knitting and impaling him with knitting needles. Howard grabs the book and they run home, chased by the demonic nanas. When they get home, Nanatoo is sent back to hell by the magic words "Nana Nana go away, come on back another day", ending her reign of terror.