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The evillest demon known to man

Who summoned me?
~ Nanatoo

Nanatoo is the antagonist in The Mighty Boosh episode Nanageddon, she is an old demon who the gang manage to accidentally summon.

Vince and Howard are having a (fake) seance with some girls, and Vince makes a joke about it when he says he called up Hitler in the last seance they did and did a piss on him.

Unfortunately, the seance goes wrong when they don't concentrate properly, and the gate to Hell stays open too long - Nanatoo siezes her chance to escape and demands who summoned her, appearing as a seemingly harmless old lady. But when she gets out, she walks down the street, innocently asking men directions, only to stab them in the neck with her needles. Then Howard, Vince and Naboo have to track her down and fight her back to Hell.

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