Nanami is one of Akihiro Kurata's henchmen and a villainess in Digimon Data Squad. She is the only female of the Bio-Hybrids which includes the two males Kouki and Ivan. She can Bio-Hybrid evolve into BioQuetzalmon and BioRotosmon.

Nanami has blonde hair, purple eyes, a small top hat, and wears a gothic-like dress. She also carries an umbrella with her.

During the war with the Sacred City, Nanami is revealed to also be a genius like Thomas H. Norstein. She meets Thomas and Gaomon at the waterfall while standing on top of a tree. After Nanami tells Thomas that destroying the waterfall was the Sacred City's weakness, she swooped down on Thomas and Gaomon and attacked them. While toying with Gaomon, Nanami tried to offer Thomas to join her by using her charms and attractiveness, and explaining her motivations to him. When Thomas refused, Nanami Bio-Hybrid evolved to BioRotosmon. When BioRotosmon was defeated, Nanami was depowered in the end. Nanami also appeared in the final episode in one more scene in Digimon Data Squad during the showdown with King Drasil while giving her DNA.