Namorodos (Namorroddos) are evil spirit creatures of Australian Aboriginal mythology and folklore (specifically of the people from Western and Northern Arnhem Land), who live in rocks and cliff faces. They are described as having the shape of humans with long hair and sharp pointy fingernails. But they are made only of bones and a covering of skin held in place together by sinews, through which the desert winds howled. You would also know that Namorodos are around because their hair makes a whistling sound when they run.

Like vampires of the western Europe and Yara-ma-yha-who, another Australian vampiric creatures, Namorodos rest during the day but at night fly to feed on humans. Parents and other adults warn children to keep very quiet when they hear Namorodos whistling in the wind, as they have been known to injure or kill children. Namorodos would also attack the homes of sleeping humans, if they could gain entry. When attacking lost children or sleeping humans, they would suck out the insides of anyone they catch in order to cause them to become a Namorodo as well.

This is one culture's way of making sure that children obey their parents and elders.

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