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Unnamed Brute Chieftain

The Brute Chieftain

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The nameless Brute Chieftain serves as one of the primary antagonists of Halo Legends episode: The Babysitter. He was a Brute who served in the Covenant Empire's military and led Covenant forces on Heian, a planet located along a significant Covenant supply route. He was first seen patrolling at night with a torch, watching over Grunts as they gazed upon a meteor shower. During the day, he had attacked ODST Private O'Brien from behind, but was stopped by SPARTAN II Commando Cal-141. The ensuing battle left the Chieftain with one remaining eye, and then he was pushed off a large waterfall towards the end of the small battle. Later, he managed to reach the surface and he found the ODST squad as they prepared to assassinate the minor Prophet. After discovering them, he quickly rampaged the squad with his Gravity Hammer. Cal prevented the death of O'Brien by the Chieftain's hands by pushing the ODST out the way and took the hit of the hammer, causing her to be mortally wounded. The Brute then was tackled by O'Brien, Cortez and Dutch, causing him to fall on the ground. Out of anger, Dutch rapidly shot his M75 Submachine Gun and ultimately killed the Chieftain.

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