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Namekujin Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Namekujin (ナメクジン Namakujin?, 12): A slug Cyborg who can turn himself into slime and fire a flesh-eating enzyme on his victims. During Christmas Eve, Namekujin has Ari Commandos abduct people with those unable to perform menial labor be subjected to Namekujin's enzymes. But the abductions caught Tsukuba's attention as he follows the Ari Commandos to Neo-Shocker's headquarters, posing as one of them to infiltrate the base. However, when Tsukuba attempts to assume his Kamen Rider form, Namekujin disables the Tornado belt with his quick-drying M.O. Enyzme. After getting the captives to safety to the top of a skyscraper, managing to transform in a near-death drop, Sky Rider uses his Sky Kick to have Namekujin dissolve while the Neo-Shocker base explodes.

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