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The Nakewameke
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are evil creatures and the main villains of Fresh Pretty Cure! The Nakewameke possesses powers to cause chaos and misery. These creatures play the role of the monsters-of-the-day, similar to the Zakenna, Uzaina, Kowaina and Hoshina in the preceding series. Their name can mean "cry and shout". Unlike most magical girl anime, most of the choice of monsters in this season are robots.They are the first monsters who are created to primaly attack civilians rather than fighting the Pretty Cures, followed by Desertrians, Negatones and Jikochuus.

Eas is given Nakisakebe after a while, but the rest still used Nakewameke until being passed Sorewatase, and even then still used Nakewameke once in a while. For reasons unknown, while it is traditional for the battleground to return to its ordinary state when the monster-of-the-day is defeated, Fresh Pretty Cure! does not follow this tradition often.

It is worth noting that Nakewameke, Nakisakebe, Sorewatase, and Hohoemina are voiced by the same seiyuu, Nakano Shintarou.







  • All four monster types from Labyrinth are not from the same type.
  • The origin of the first Hohoemina could be possibly from Cure Angel Passion's feather, so being created by the original Labyrinth trio: Eas, who is the origin, Westar, who has taken the feather, and Soular, who has actually summoned the Hohoemina.
    • The second Hohoemina has its origin from Cure Angel Pine's feather and is summoned by Westar.
  • In the Italian Dub, the Nakewameke make robotic noises when they speak.
  • They are the first monster who has different colour when a members summoned, succeding Saiarks.
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