Naj'tess is a low-level naga from World Of Warcraft who is encountered during the events of Cataclysm with his mistress Zar'Jira as part of a new Troll starting-zone.

After falling out with the warlike Hellscream the Trolls are busy trying to re-establish a home for themselves, part of their plan is to tame the many raptors found on the Echo Isles for use as mounts and companions.

Due to the special link between trolls and raptors this plan was going rather well but Naj'tess had other plans - loyal to the Naga Queen he sought to bring about the trolls' destruction via corrupting the Echo Isles raptors and turning them against the trolls.

Naj'tess' sorcery was not allowed to continue however and new recruits are sent to deal with him and end his enslavement of the raptors.