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Nadia Vole is a secondary antagonist in the novel Stormbreaker and the 2006 film of the same name. She is a devoted servant and henchwoman to Herod Sayle (named Darrius Sayle in the film).

She is portrayed by Missi Pyle, who also portrays Shelly Stoker and Ashley Sanderson.


Vole is a blonde woman with a German accent who wears lipstick. Alex Rider infilitrates Sayle's enterprise under the guise of competition winner Felix Lester and Vole was sent to guide and keep an eye on Felix by Sayle. She says that her job is to deal with public and media affairs. Vole later discovered Rider is a spy and that he is not Lester.

When Alex was having dinner with Sayle, Vole stole Alex's phone and tracked the phone's SIM card to Chelsea, London. She went to Alex's house and confronted Alex's housekeeper, Jack Starblight. They fought each other and caused damage throughout the house. Despite being less skilled in fighting than Vole, Jack defeats her by using a blowfish, causing a mark on Vole's hand. Nadia retreated and informed Sayle of her findings.

They captured Alex and interrogated him. Sayle had Alex trapped in an aquarium cage with the Portueguese Man of War. Vole was left to watch Alex while Herod was to finish his plans. Alex would either drown or getting stung by the Man of War. Rider used the metal eroding zit-zream that he got from Smithers to get out of the tank which caused the water to flow out and the jellyfish to land on Vole, stinging her to death.


Vole is skilled in martial arts although she was defeated by Jack, Alex's housekeeper who wasn't that experienced in fighting compared to Vole. Vole is also clever as she was able to see through Alex's disguise and tricks. Vole is also great at tracking since she found Alex's house by using his phone.


  • Vole is one of the two henchmen that Sayle trusts, the other being Mr. Grin.


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