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N Fuego

 N Fuego is the fourth in command of the evil Sinistras and a recurring antagonist in the Thumb Wrestling Federation.


N Fuego, a Latin character, was always obssed with dancing. But strangely he generates extreme amounts of heat the more he dances. After becoming too hot for his home town he joined the TWF as part of the evil Sinistras. He is a very skilled fighter and usually beats most of his opponents. He nearly made it to the season 1 championship but was defeated by the (than) Dextera Evil Ira in the quarter final (who joined the Sinistras for the semi final after outraging commentators and fans by flattening a referee). In the other seasons he never made it far. In the fourth season after a few Sinistras quit he was promoted to second in command and made it to the semi-finale but was defeated by Mr. Extremo. In the end he helped Senator Skull overthrow Bucks Gazillion. In Series 5, after he lost his first battle, he was clad in a mask to immobilise two time champion Dextera Mr Extremo on Senator Skull's behalf, and Senator Skull used this plot to pin the blame on Dextera newcomer Cleat Cunningham, who beat Skull, but became unpopular with his colleagues until Dexteras fanatic Pinky found out about the plot in Sinistra headquarters in the final.

Special Attack

His special move is a combination of his dance and fight moves. However, in his first fight, he won by getting a cohort to pin his opponent Unit 19G, as Unit 19G was able to withstand very high temperatures. In Season 5, N Fuego used a Mariachi band which temporarily distracted his opponent, but the opponent was wise to it eventually.