NKVDemon is ?????

Gregor Dosynski

Gregor Dosynski was a comrade of KGBeast and became one of Batman's international foes. NKVDemon was targeting ten political figures in Russia who he felt betrayed the ideals of the USSR. Batman works with a Muscovite detective named Nikita Krakov to take down NKVDemon. Unfortunately, Batman and Nikita were unable to prevent the deaths of Yuri Gregaroff (Politburo member), Vasily and Marsala Ramenki, Aleksey (Nikita's partner), Nichola Andronikov (agriculture minister), Pyotr Pushkin and Kropotkin (defense minister). NKVDemon has taken out everybody on his hit list except for one...President Mikhail Gorbachev himself. NKVDemon decides to assassinate the president on Earth Day. Batman prevents NKVDemon's chance to murder the president but NKVDemon scoffs at Batman because he knows about Batman's code of not killing and the only way NKVDemon will be stopped is if Batman is willing to cross that line. Fortunately, Batman distracts NKVDemon long enough for Nikita and the Moscow police to intercept him and end with a wave of gunfire.


Nicodemus 01

The second person to become the NKVDemon was a man named Nicodemus. He was hired by Jordan Wylie, a UN representative who wants Aquaman out of the way because Aquaman's political stance on the pollution of the world's oceans could effect his main source of income. When Nicodemus failed to kill Aquaman, Wylie hires a guard to kill Nicodemus in his prison cell. The guard is successful and the title of being the NKVDemon is passed on.


NKVDemon III 01

The last person to take on the mantle of the NKVDemon is still unknown to this day. He was last seen as a bodyguard for the Odessa Mob, the Russian cartel in Gotham. The Odessa Mob was attending a summit between the rival gang bosses in Gotham. A shootout broke out between the rival gangs and NKVDemon was among the dead who were found at crime scene. Its possible that NKVDemon and Hellhound killed each other since their bodies were in close proximity of each other but how it was done remains unknown.

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