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N-Gamio-Zeda is the wolf-like king of the Gurongi in the World of Kuuga. He refers to himself as otherworldly because he should have never been revived, a fact that even he seems to believe, wondering why he was awakened. He is sealed and the Gurongi are attempting to unseal him with a Sacred Gegeru, targeting five police women without spilling blood to revive him.

Though they obtain four kills, Tsukasa uses Ai as bait to lure the Gurongi out and gives her a nose bleed to ruin the Gegeru. The effects of the distortion revive Gamio anyways, and he uses his power to convert every human corpse within his Miasmic aura into a Gurongi. Although his ultimate goal is to have his sired Gurongi destroy each other, Gamio is destroyed by Kuuga and Decade performing a combo attack.

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

The wolf-like leader of the Gurongi in the normal timeline of the World of Kuuga dimension. In Let's Go Kamen Riders, he's the representative of the Gurongi in the Shocker alliance council and leads them to fight against Kamen Rider Kuuga when the timeline is partially restored, only to be defeated.

See also

  • N-Daguva-Zeba, the original leader of the Gurongi in Kamen Rider Kuuga.

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