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The N'rrgal are a race of slug-like creatures from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series who are currently still fighting a war with the Zoah. Ix gave everyone in the Twilight Cage a Chaos Emerald but kept two of them on Nocturne where the Nocturnus live. When Sonic and friends land on the N'rrgal planet next, they are immediately captured and forced to see the N'rrgal Queen who tells them she will let them go if Sonic finds the Zoah's new secret weapon and take it. The Chaos Emerald she wields is apparently just as powerful as the Zoah's weapon and so this results in a temporary cease-fire moment for both races. After Sonic retrieves the secret weapon, the N'rrgal Queen is surprised that the Zoah's weapon is a Chaos Emerald too. And as she promised she set them "freeeeee." Of course tensions were still mounted with the Zoah but they agreed to not do so much more fighting with them.

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