Do my friends frighten you?
~ N'Goo to Velma.
N' Goo Tuana is the secondary antagonist of the first live action Scooby Doo movie.

He was portrayed by Steven Grives.


N'Goo is an average heighted man with a broad build, his usual attire consists of a long maroon velvet coat with no sleeves, black trousers with a red belt buckle, boots and several black and golden bracelets around his arms. In one scene he is seen wearing a brown vest however he goes back to his normal attire later on. He is a bald man with several tattoos on his head and one tattoo on his chest of a human heart that appears to be on fire.


He is a mysterious thug with an unpleasant attitude plotting to take over and rule the world with his allies and their army of demons. It is later revealed that he was being deceived and manipulated by the real antagonist however he was still loyal and assisted nonetheless.


He was posing as a theme park actor who's character (named after himself) was obsessed with resurrecting the demons who lived on the grounds of the island many years ago however he was really trying to conquer the world with his diabolical henchmen like Zarkos the white/green masked wrestler with the henchmen of spooky island and robotic version of spooky island owner Emile Mondavarious (which was really impersonated by Scrappy-Doo). N'Goo had some control over the demons and in order to succeed he is attempting to claim the Daemon Ritus a mysterious artefact which in reality Scrappy was using to claim all of the souls of the humans and Scooby in order to take on a stronger form. Upon seeing Emile is really an animatronic being controlled by a tiny dog (Scrappy) N'Goo was rather surprised however he still assisted Scrappy during the final battle by attempting to remove Scooby's soul however he is knocked unconscious by Fred after being hit over the head with a climbing rope. At the end of the movie after his defeat he, Scrappy and their henchmen were imprisoned for life for their nefarious crimes.


Welcome near victims. My name is N'Goo Tuana and this is my evil best pal Zarkos.
~ The opening to N'Goo's act.
This enchanted island is a doorway to the supernatural realm. Years ago it was home to creatures who lived on the island. BUT 10 years ago Emile Mondavarious antagonized these ancient beings by building a theme park here! The creatures are furious my friends. I assure you while you party they plot their REVENGE!
~ N'Goo talking about the demons to the tourists.
What a smart little one.
~ N'Goo to Velma after she saw the holographic projectors showing the illusion of the demons.
Hello puppy.
~ N'Goo to Scooby.



  • He is a talented piano player.
  • N'Goo is shown to have somewhat of a soft spot for Velma due to a few hints placed throughout the movie (i.e when he always picked her out of his audience during his act and when he is seen smiling at the bar and playing a soft melody on the piano whilst she was hanging out with her love interest).
  • He is the only main character in the movie to not find Scrappy annoying or obnoxious and is shown to be the only one showing him any respect even after discovering he was really a dog pretending to be Emile Mondavarious as well as being the only character on the police helicopter willing to sit with Scrappy and the pet carrier on top of him.
  • He was the first character in the movie to be revealed as a villain.