The twin green rings of light are how the Mysterons appear on TV.

This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us, Earthmen. You attacked our complex on Mars, and you will pay a heavy price. Our next act of retaliation will be to destroy the city of Lon-don. Do you hear, Earthmen? We will destroy the city of Lon-don!
~ The Mysterons, in the opening credits of 1967 Captain Scarlet, season 1 episode 3 "Big Ben Strikes Again".

The Mysterons are the main antagonists of the 1967-8 animation series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and its 2005-6 revival, Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet. They are from Mars, and can recreate anything they so please, under their evil influence, but they have to destroy said thing in the first place.

For Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, the Mysterons were voiced by the late Donald Gray, who also voiced Colonel White (Spectrum's CEO) and Captain Black in the show. In Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, they're voiced by Mike Hayley, who also voices Colonel White in the new series; Captain Black, however, is voiced by Nigel Plaskitt.

Show history

The Mysterons

In 2068, a mission to Mars commanded by Spectrum officer Conrad Turner (alias Captain Black) came across what Spectrum believed was the point origin of some foreign radio signals; an alien city. The creatures of the city proceeded to try and befriend the Earth explorers, but Turner mistook the alien city's spotlight posts for machine guns, and fired at the mountains, causing the resulting avalanche to destroy the city. However, a blue light rose from the wreckage and passed over it, immediately restoring the city to what it was.

The aliens introduced themselves as the Mysterons, a peaceful race, who had now been provoked to retaliate against Earth for their 'unprovoked attack'. Their first act of retaliation was to kill the World President. At the same time, they hypnotise Captain Black. The hypnosis alters his appearance, making him look very pale, and giving him a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow.

To aid the assassination of the President, the Mysterons captured and killed two Spectrum operatives on their first big mission together. The dead officers were Captain Scarlet and Captain Brown, to be used in two different ways. Captain Brown was the first attempt to whack the President, being exploded in the President's hotel suite by the Mysterons after being assigned as his guard. This attempt failed, thanks to an ingenious instant escape route; the President and his chair were sucked through a false panel in his office room wall.

After the World President was returned to Cloudbase, Colonel White assigned Captain Scarlet to take the President to a new Maximum Security Building in London (Captain Brown's suicide bombing had obliterated the Maximum Security Building in New York). With the Angel Interceptor jet fighters surrounding the Spectrum Passenger Jet, the President and the Mysteron agent Captain Scarlet flew to London. However, some Spectrum ground agents find the wreckage of the Spectrum Saloon Car which the original Captains Scarlet and Brown were driving in (the Mysterons had crashed it over the side of a cliff in order to Mysteronise the two men), along with the bodies of the two men. Realising the Captains were imposters, Colonel White orders Scarlet to return to Cloudbase, and when that fails, he orders the Angel squadron to shoot the jet down. The imposter Captain and the President ejected over South England. The imposter stole a car and held the President as his hostage, on their way to London.

Colonel White then sent Captain Blue to follow Captain Scarlet. Using a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (the fastest vehicle in the Spectrum armada) and the Angels shooting down a bridge to stop the imposter captain driving to London, Blue corners Scarlet and the President at the 800 ft Car Vu car park. Unbeknownst to anybody at Car Vu, Captain Black has used his Mysteron powers to take over a Spectrum Helicopter, which gets shot down by Destiny Angel. The helicopter crashes into Car Vu's base. Captain Blue shoots Captain Scarlet, and he falls 800 feet to his death in the streets below, whilst Captain Blue rescues the President using the SPV's jetpack, as Car Vu collapses.