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"Don't you want to be loved? more desired? we can give you that!"

The Mysterious Man is the main antagonist of the short animated film "Distortion", which is notable for being much darker and mature than many other such animations on the web (despite its style suggesting otherwise) : the Mysterious Man is never named and is considered a symbolism for the unnecessary fixation society has on "perfect" body types.

Basic Story

CGI Animated Shorts HD- "Distortion" - by Fraser Page03:07

CGI Animated Shorts HD- "Distortion" - by Fraser Page

The Mysterious Man is a tall, bald man with a deep voice who offers the unnamed protagonist a means to improve his body image, belittling him by saying he is not worthy of certain things ("girls don't want that").

When the protagonist accepts the Mysterious Man's offer to help get a perfect body he is instantly betrayed and tortured in a graphic manner, having his fat removed via a needle through his navel and pumped with steroids.

He is then forced to endure facial surgery (done off-screen) that leaves him visibly scarred, throughout the whole ordeal he is strapped to the seat so as to be hapless and the ending suggests he either died or went insane.

The Mysterious Man presumably got away with his crimes and may of done similar to countless other victims, considering the way the film ended the Mysterious Man is likely still performing these experiments and has evaded capture.