Myra North Star
Myra (aka North Star) is a villainess from Hogan's Heroes, appearing in Season Four's "How to Catch a Papa Bear."

Myra introduced herself and her cohorts, Wilhelm and Hans, as "North Star" to Newkirk, who went out to meet them on a mission. They are later captured by the Gestapo and locked up in jail, and a pair of officers let Myra out while keeping Newkirk in. In the next scene, Myra is revealed to be a Gestapo agent, as are Wilhelm and Hans, and she sends a message that is received by Carter. The message is part of their plan to capture Papa Bear (Col. Hogan). 

Carter and LeBeau meet Myra and later bring her into the camp via the emergency tunnel. Hogan gives Myra a message to send back to Gestapo headquarters, only to later reveal that he knows that she's no good and points a gun at her. Myra attempts to make a deal with Hogan, only for him to refuse and use her to break Newkirk out of jail. Myra ends up sent to England, which Newkirk quips is "too good for her."

Myra was played by Fay Spain, who appeared in two episodes of Hogan's Heroes. Her appearance in the aforementioned episode was her only one as a villainess.