I know it's probably a trick, but I can't take the risk that it's not.
~ Mynd

Mynd is the ruler of Mynd Universe in webcomic Bob and George.


Much is not known about Mynd's past. It is known that he was the creator of Chadling. He fought against Bob when Bob visited Mynd Universe. Mynd's minion, Mike, knocked out Bob after that battle and then tried out Bob's blaster with Chadling. They eventually found a way to Megaman Universe, where Mynd declared his plan to kill everyone.

Unfortunately for Mynd, Roll managed to kill Mike and Mega Man and George turned Chadling against Mynd. Mynd then mind-controlled Chadling to fight his new friends, but Proto Man sent in Nate, a sentient Yellow Devil. Chadling then revealed that he's actually a Purple Devil and defeated Nate, but then realised that Mynd's powers do not work against him in his true form. Mynd then killed Chadling, Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man and Bass. Then, George convinced Bob to fight Mynd together. They made an attack that sent George into past, Bob into future and Mynd into another dimension.

After the battle, Dr. Light not only rebuilt Mynd's victims and Nate, but he also turned Mike into a cyborg. Mynd, after having his whole fight been rendered pointless, traveled through many alternate universes until he eventually found into Megaman Universe, where he accidentally had Helmeted Author getting sent to his own interdimensional trip and was then turned back into portal by Bate, the merge of Bass and Nate.

Eventually, Bob hired Mynd to cause destruction in Megaman Universe with ninjas. Many epic battles were fought until eventually, Bob betrayed Mynd by nuking the entire universe. This plan failed thanks to Shadowy George. Afterwards, Mynd admitted respect to his Megaman Universe counterpart. They travelled to yet another universe and married each other.