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This is our water now!
~ Nod with his gang yelling at Littlefoot and his friends in attempts to steal water
So give it back!
~ Mutt with his gang ordering Littlefoot and his friends in attempts to steal water

Mutt and Nod are a pair of antagonists (later supporting protagonists) in The Land Before Time III: The Time of Great Giving.

They are the friends, goons and henchmen of Hyp who constally argee with almost everything he says.

Mutt is voiced by Jeff Bennett and Nod is voiced by Scott Menville.

They first appear alongside Hyp when the trio Interrput the game. They reappeared in The Land Before Time TV show episode, The Great Egg Adventure, and althrough, like Hyp, they reformed at the end of the third film. 



  • Mutt and Nod, Hyp and the Velociraptors are the only villains in the third Land Before Time movie, however they all reformed except for the Velociraptors.
  • Like Hyp, They only appear in the third film and the TV show's episode, "The Great Egg Adventure". However, they were never seen in the rest of the series.