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If this world perishes in the process, it's just business.
~ Mutilor


Mutilor was the leader of a group of alien space pirates who hijacked an Aquian spaceship to steal all of Earth's water to sell it to the Zarhabi race. Mutilor was unimpressed by the Enforcers' resistance since their squadron was incompetent in dealing with the situation. Fortunately, the Swat Kats arrived and started to takeout all of Mutilor's men. Mutilor then ordered Tragg to move his ship into a higher orbit. The Swat Kats were able to reach that altitude when the Enforcers couldn't.

The Swat Kats boarded the Aquian spaceship and freed the Aquains. Mutilor confronted them face-to-face, and would probably have defeated them had it not been for the intervention of the thought to be killed Lieutenant Felina Feral in a spacecraft she piloted.  Mutilor tried to seek revenge in an escape craft. However, the vigilante Razor slipped one last missile past Mutilor's defenses and shot it into the escape craft's main weapon to plug it.  Mutilor fired this weapon, however that caused an explosion killing him.



  • Mutilor appears only in "When Strikes Mutilor."  He is voiced by Michael Dorn in the original English version and by Takaya Hashi in the Japanese dub.

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