Mutha and Fatha Bacon are a pair of extremely wicked parents from the British adult-comedy comic known as Viz, their names are a deviant way of spelling "Mother" and "Father": in tune with Viz's dark, violent and often controversial style of humor the strip concerning these infamous parents (called "Biffa Bacon") surrounds the hyper-violent relationship between the hapless son and his parents.

Biffa is a thug who constantly gets beaten in excessively violent ways by his insane parents, who do so in such obscenely graphic and outrageous ways that it can be considered a parody of cartoon violence (though the aspect of child-abuse does make it controversial, though this is not uncommon for Viz).

Mutha and Fatha Bacon beat their son continually and often outright win at the end of a strip, making it even darker - however they have also received well-earned beatings at the hands of varied individuals who have had enough of their antics (sadly none of these beatings have managed to install any sense into them).

Despite the abuse Biffa suffers from his parents he will actively ally with them when another character "invades" their strip and thus they do seem to see themselves as a family, albeit one that is horrendously dysfunctional (and downright criminal) to others.