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Mutavore is a male Category I.V. Kaiju, and a minor antagonist in the 2013 film Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim

Mutavore was sent from the Anteverse to our universe by the Precursors. After Mutavore comes through the Inter dimensional breach, he heads straight for the city of Sydney, Australia. The creature proceeds to destroy two Jaeger's gaurding the city before easily breaking through the military's giant anti-Kaiju wall, before begining his assult on the city. Mutavore manages to destroy most of the city's buildings before being interceptd by Australian made Jaeger, Striker Eureka. The two giants then engage each other in combat, and despite the battle being close, Mutavore is finally defeated when Striker fires its chest missiles, which strike Mutavore in the torso and head, killing him almost instantly.

Mutavore's attack on Sydney ultimately proved that the Military's Anti-Kaiju wall would not be the answer, causing them to re-activate the Jaeger program.


  • Mutavore's appearance was similar to Pridak, a Barraki from the BIONICLE series.


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