The Mutant Vegetables are the main antagonists from the Kid Icarus anime short, 'Palutena's Revolting Dinner'.


The Mutant Vegetables started out as carrots, that were overdosed by the rejuvenation potion by Palutena on accident.  They then tried to kill Palutena by throwing knives at her push her big rolling vases after her, and even recruiting more troops with the rejuenation potion they stole and poured it on other vegetables (eggplants, cucumbers, etc.) and formed together to be a giant Vegetable Monster. They later cause a water leakage in the palace which is discovered to be their weakness by Palutena who creates a cloud to restore them to their original state. She is about to slice the vegetables but is stopped by three large pumpkins who somehow avoided being touched by the water. The pumpkins end up making Palutena overload her wolf claw attack causing an explosion that destroys the last of the vegetable army.

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