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Mutant Supremacy is the polar opposite of Mutantphobia and a major part of the Marvel comics mythos, especially that surrounding the X-Men and related titles (sometimes known as the "X" titles) - the idea of Mutant Supremacy is as old as the X-Men themselves and it is quoted that many mutants believe they should rule.

Mutant Supremacy comes in two main forms - the first is a violent response to Mutantphobia, in which mutants engage in terrorist attacks on humanity out of a fear that humans will oppress them or already have, they may also lash out at humanity as vengeance for the acts of anti-mutant groups.

The second type of Mutant Supremacy is one in which the mutant geniunely believes themselves to be superior to humanity and may desire to either rule over them or (in the worst-case scenarios) plan genocide against the human race.

Due to the X-Men being founded upon Charles Xavier's wish to co-exist with both humanity and mutants the idea of Mutant Supremacy is often seen as undesirable (sometimes even "evil") by those who don the X-Men costume but some X-Men have began to slowly convert to Mutant Supremacist tactics themselves (though this normally signals the start of a villain career or a period of unrest before they relent the ideals of mutant supremacy).

Some X-Men are also reformed Mutant Supremacists (usually Type 1) - such as Rogue.

However some notable mutants who support Mutant Supremacy are still capable of aiding the X-Men, though they tend to be of the type 1 variety.

Mutant Supremacists (Type 1)

believe humanity to be inherently dangerous to mutants and lash out either as "self-defence" or as vengeance for the wrongs of anti-mutant groups - they are comparable in many ways to radical terrorists and/or vigilantes.

  • Magneto (mainstream)

Mutant Supremacists (Type 2)

believe they are superior to humanity, often seek to either rule over them or engage in genocide - comparable to extreme racist organizations.

  • Apocalypse (mainstream)
  • Magneto (Ultimate) <also applies to the movie version (in the first X-Men film)>