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Mushroomon is a minor villain in most of the Digimon Series.


Mushroomon is a Rookie Class Digimon the looks like a purple mushroom with pink gloves and boots.

Digimon Adventures 01

When Puppetmon was playing with T.K., T.K. encountered a Blossomon and a Mushroomon. He asked them not to tell Puppetmon where he was because they were playing hide-and-seek. Mushroomon end up telling Puppetmon because he asked them and Mushroomon wasn't very bright. When Puppetmon looked where T.K. was hiding, he wasn't there. Puppetmon thought he was lying and terminated both Mushroomon and Blossomon (this is the Japanese Version was edited out in English version).

Digimon Adventures 02

A huge ammount of Mushroomon were under the influence of the Digimon Emperor, along with Floramon, a Ninjamon, and eventually their leader ShogunGekomon. When the DigiDestined arrived the Mushroomon attacked them. The Dark Rings were eventually destroyed and the Mushroomon and the other Digimon were free.

Digimon Frontier

The Mushroomon were at first peaceful Digimon, until Cherubimon corrupted them. The fought Kazemon and they combined and Digivolved into a giant Woodmon. He easily defeated Kazemon but were defeated by Lobomon.


  • Fungus Crusher
  • Giggle Grenade/Laughing Smasher


  • Mushroomon can Digivolve into Woodmon, or Ballistamon MC (with the help of Ballistamon)


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