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Mushroom XIII

Mushroom XIII

Mushroom XIII
are a group of minor villains in the video game; Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. They are a group of Emblem Heartless that Sora encounters during his adventures. Each one of the thirteen members challenge Sora in a Mini-game in the same area that Sora fought previous bosses, and they won't leave until they are satisfied.



  • No. 1 - (leader)
  • No. 2
  • No. 3
  • No. 4
  • No. 5
  • No. 6
  • No. 7
  • No. 8
  • No. 9
  • No. 10
  • No. 11
  • No. 12
  • No. 13


  • The Members of Mushroom XIII have similar traits towards the members of Organization XIII.
  • Each one of the members are located in a certain area where Sora and his friend were before. Most of them are located where a previous boss battle was fought.
    • No. 1 is located in Memory Skyscraper, after the defeat of Xemnas
    • No. 2 is located in Christmas Town, where Sora fought the Experiment
    • No. 3 is located in the Beast's Castle, where Sora fought Xaldin.
    • No. 4 is located in the Land of Dragons, where Sora fought Shan-Yu.
    • No. 5 is located in the Cave of Wonders.
    • No. 6 is located in The Underworld, where Sora encountered Demyx.
    • No. 7 is located in Twilight Town within the Tunnelway
    • No. 8 is located in Twilight Town, outside of Yen Sid's Tower
    • No. 9 is located in Radiant Garden, where Sora fought Demyx.
    • No. 10 is located in Isla de Muerta.
    • No. 11 is located in the waterway of the Timeless River.
    • No. 12 is located in Twilight Town, outside the Old Mansion
    • No. 13 is located in the Great Maw in Radiant Garden, where Sora fought 1,000 Heartless.

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