Musca Dio is a minor villain in the manga and anime series Saint Seiya. Is the Silver Saint Constellation Fly, and is one of the weakest Saint belonging to this caste.


Dio, along with fellow Hercules Algheti Canis Major and Sirius are sent by Pope Leo Aiolia control, in turn, sent on a mission to kill the traitor Seiya. They arrive just as Aiolia's taking Ophiucus Shaina, wound, deciding to leave Seiya alive for the moment. The three Silver Saints then decided to deal directly with the elimination of the boy, without at the time of his armor. Algheti lifts it into the air with his main technique, but Dio who blocks it during the relapse, wanting to be him to defeat the enemy. Even Sirius objected, commenting that it is up to him the right being the eldest. Among the three Saints comes a dispute over who has the right to kill Seiya and eventually Algethi throws back the enemy in the air, solving the dispute leaving the final blow to the fastest. Sagittarius Gold Cloth, however, appears suddenly, wrapping the body of the boy's golden aura and breaking up to cover it. Dio and others are immobilized by the force that emerged shortly after overwhelms them, throwing them to the ground lifeless with armor completely destroyed.


Only in versiona souls of the saga of Hades Dio was resurrected by Hades. With Algethi Both Sirius and he out to Japan in September for Andromeda Shun. There they fought until Shun equipped His Cloth and easily defeated them, in Their dying words they commented how powerful the Bronze Saints had become.


Dead End Fly: is apparently the only technique of God. It consists of a football, normally he turned to face the opponent, able to do throw away several meters. In Taizen it is specified that with this blow Dedalus hits the opponent on the fly with a kick hurled at a speed greater than that of sound.