Musasabilar Monster
Musasabilar ("Giant Flying Squirreler") - Monster #00
(01)- (Sword): The first Vader monster. He changed the water to Hydrochloric acid. Upon his rampage, he killed Tatsuya Midorikawa's own father, whom he sworn revenge upon the Monster. Tatsuya was able to accompish his vengence when he became DenziGreen with the help of the other four Denzimen. Musasabilar resembles a humanod sea cucumber with the ability to climb up walls, as well as devour the flesh off of a living creature and hiding in another dimension. He grew to an enlarged form after fighting the Denziman and died after Denziman used the DenziStick Boomerang. Was the first monster destroyed by DaiDenzin, being decapitated instead of being sliced down the middle as other Vader Monsters usually met their end.