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Mussabeedle Shocker Kaijin

Musasabeedle - A Japanese giant flying squirrel monster. Able to fly in high speeds, creating a slipstream strong enough to tear apart nearby targets. His emblem, worn by the soldiers of the base that modified him, is a flying squirrel. Attacked the Osumi Laboratory for missile components, but was stopped by Kamen Rider #2. Attempted to recover the components later, only to be destroyed by Kamen Rider #2's Rider Kick. Musasabeedle made a brief appearance in the monster army of the Kamen Rider vs. Shocker movie, but did not actually have an active participation in the movie. Musasabeedle returned in Kamen Rider vs. Ambassador Hell, participating of an ambush to Kamen Rider #1 and Taki, and holding them off while another Shocker operation was prepared.

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