Musasabader Brothers (ムササベーダー兄弟 Musasabēdā Kyōdai?, 23): Two flying squirrel monsters, white Bader (ベイダー Bēdā?) and brown Beder (ビーダー Bīdā?) hailing from Canada. Their intial plan was to retrieve the documents discussing about "Plan X" - a plan to destroy Shinjuku using suicide bombers - from an associate of Tani Genjiro's. They failed however, but it turned out it was a joint surgical attack "Plan XY" one set of suicide bombers in Shinjuku and the other in Yokohama. Each brother would oversee its respective operation. Both brothers can fly at fast speeds and conjure curved shivs/sickles that can easily slice through metal. Bader exclusively can breathe fire and Beder was preconstructed with a contingency bomb himself. Bader was destroyed by Kamen Rider V3 and Skyrider's V3 Kick and Sky Kick, and Beder was destroyed by Skyrider's Sky Kick.

They were later revived as part of the Second Generation Cyborg Corps (改造人間二世部隊 Kaizō Ningen Nisei Butai?, movie). They were destroyed by the 7 Riders. Beder was later resurrected as part of Kaijin the Second Generation Corps (怪人二世部隊 Kaijin Nisei Butai?, 27-28). They wore yellow scarves and were destroyed by the 7 Riders.