Murray is a villain and boss in Rayman Origins, and one of the four "Kings" that the heroes must defeat. He is a gigantic aquatic creature who is battled in the level Murray of the Deep. As with the other Kings, he was mutated by the nightmares of the Bubble Dreamer.


After being chased by two giant eels in the sea, Rayman ended up in a cave, facing Murray. While the monster swims around, Rayman has to avoid him and a red creature that is released from Murray's mouth. When Murray's tail finally appears, there is Bubo, a small bubble of nightmarish material, seen on it. Rayman must attack it and Murray leaves for a while. When Murray comes back for the third time, he opens his mouth where Bubo is placed. Rayman hits it and Murray is defeated, returning to his true form: a shrimp.

In an earlier level, Beware of Mini-Murray, Rayman faces so-called Mini-Murrays - small eel-like enemies that try to pull Rayman into their mouths.


  • In Rayman Legends one of the bosses is a giant robotic snake that resembles Murray. It is sent by the Magician to attack Rayman and his friends.