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A typical murloc.

The Murlocs are a hostile species of strange semi-aquatic humanoids from World Of Warcraft who have become a fan favorite due to their unique battle cry and somewhat comical appearance / mannerism - regardless of this Murlocs are actually a rather substantial threat and appear in varied forms throughout the game. Some Murlocs are even strong enough to act as bosses in dungeons and raids. Murlocs may indeed be one of the oldest native races on Azeroth. It's clear that they are not one of the "seed races" created by the Titans or descended from said Titanic creations. No curse of flesh seems to be inherent in their origins. Like trolls and tauren, there is no known explanation for the existence of these aquatic folk. They simply are. Interestingly, murlocs are susceptible to the plague of undeath, but at least in one location, said murlocs retained their free will much as the Forsaken do.

Murlocs have good synergy amongst each other, meaning that there is an increased advantage in having many of them in the same deck.

Sound of a Murloc00:03

Sound of a Murloc

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