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Murkoff Corporation, also known as Murkoff Corp is a company that reopened the Mount Massive Asylum on the 2013 horror game Outlast, under the guise of a charitable organization in 2009, after CIA Director Richard Helms orders all MKULTRA files to be destroyed. It was experimenting on the insane inmates of the Asylum.

This caused the patients to grow stronger than the average human and cause havoc across the whole asylum and they were known as The Variants. Billy's mother was also in a lawsuit against Murkoff. Main founders of the Murkoff Corp were Alan Mathison Turing and Rudolf Gustav Wernicke. Murkoff also kept their workers from keeping in contact with their family and friends, because of the experiments they had done on the patients.


  • Jeremy Blaire (Director/Deceased) 
  • Richard Trager (Research and Development Executive/Deceased) 
  • Andrew (Scientist/Unknown)
  • Steve (Scientist/Deceased)
  • Waylon Park (Software Engineer/Forcefully Terminated)
  • Dr. Carl Houston (Doctor/ Unknown)
  • Dr. Walsh (Doctor/Unknown)
  • Helen Granat (Legal Dpt/Alive)
  • Dr. Neil Wolfram (Doctor/Unknown)
  • David Annapurna (Orderly/Involuntarily Terminated)
  • Kurt Vigalondo (Unknown)
  • Patrick Petryna (Unknown)
  • Cynthia Eisner (Unknown)
  • Jennifer Roland (Pathologist/Unknown)



  • In the PAX Demo version of the game in the introduction, Murkoff is spelled as Murkof.
  • Murkoff's logo resembles what seems to be a guillotine, which is a device used for carrying out executions by beheading. The logo itself might be a hidden message from the developers, indicating to Murkoff's gruesome experiments conducted on the asylum's patients.

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