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Murkoff's Security Forces are security forces of the Murkoff Corporation, they are responsible for guarding and patrolling Mount Massive Asylum, until the Variants in the facility escaped, annihilating most, if not all of them.


Interaction with Security forces are very limited and it is impossible to stay with alive security forces for a while. Most guards and tactical operators are dead and the alive security forces will always die at the moment Miles Upshur sees them, such as, one gets beaten up by a prisoner, one gets beheaded by Chris, etc. However it seems the security forces are split into two divisions. The first division seems to be the standard uniformed officer who patrols the premises ensuring that the grounds are secure from infiltration as well as dealing with the occasional violent patient. These officers seem lightly armed if at all and are the most common security force members seen throughout the game and prove to be highly ineffective against the rampaging variants.

The second division of Murkoff security seems to be the "tactical division" and consists of personnel who are trained and equipped to a much higher standard. These tactical operators are mostly seen in the underground laboratory and as well as another member of the team seen killed by Walker in the library. In lieu of their training the tactical operators are also seen to be in possession of high quality gear such as heavy flak

jackets and automatic weapons as well as MRAP vehicles. It is most likely these teams are kept on standby by Murkoff in case of a severe breach in security and would be sent in to contain the situation through any means possible as well as secure valuable personnel (this is corroborated by the fact that many dead tactical operators are seen dead outside of Dr. Wernickes office most likely in an attempt to protect or extract him). However despite their training and equipment the teams ultimately failed in their mission and are killed prior to Miles' arrival, either through the hands of the Variants or the Walrider.

Its also interesting to note that Miles believes the tactical operators to be members of SWAT, however this is highly unlikely as Murkoff is seen to keep the nature of the experiments and their research away from the public eye due to their immoral as well as illegal nature and would be able to keep their workings more internal with a privatized security division.

Outlast: Whistleblower

As Whistleblower is set at the Mount Massive Asylum hours before the riots, a number of living guards are prominently featured. They are neutral to the player until Waylon Park emails Miles Upshur about Murkoff's fringe experiments. Interaction with Tactical operators are strictly limited and they will always be hostile. They will always be unaware of Waylon Park proximity, no matter what.

When the breakout initiated, security staff proved impotent, despite their claim "high security" against the rampaging inmates. Some sought refuge in patient cells after killing their occupants. Others barricaded themselves in their offices, discussing plans to contact law enforcement or the National Guard.

Murkoff tactical troops eventually arrive on the asylum grounds in several Cougar armoured personnel carriers, intending to contain the patients. They immediately responded by shooting prisoners on sight. However, a number are overwhelmed and butchered by The Variants or by The Walrider.


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