The Murderer is the main antagonist of the chain mail/urban legend Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously.

The Urban Legend

On November 17, 1993, the eldest daughter of the Smith family, Lisa Smith was on a chatting site at night.

While she was on the site, an unknown man started talking to her, and stated that he knew who she was. He then stated that he would be at her house that very night. Lisa immediately locked all the doors and windows, and went to sleep with her younger sister Sarah Smith.

When she was in the bed with Sarah, she noticed how the bed was wet, and that it had a horrible smell, she went to turn on the light, and to her horror, Sarah was brutally stabbed to death while she was sleeping in her own bed. Lisa heard that the killer was in the house, and she goes to hide in her sister's closet.

The killer stops at the closet, waits a few minutes, and then forcibly drags the frightened girl out of the closet. He kills her, and he then skins her alive, and hangs her lifeless corpse in the closet for the police to find.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.


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