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Mauricio M. Mercadora (also known as Murcio) is the secondary antagonist of the 1976 Mexican animated film Los tres reyes magos. He is Prince Olbaid's sidekick.


He is an idiotic green small devil who is very similar to Iago from Aladdin, also being convinced by their master. He is first seen as a vampire bat trying to stop the wise men's journey from getting to Bethlehem where Melchor talks to the star of Bethlehem. He is also known for sending demonic pranks for the kings. In the frontier of Arizona, Murcio has sent a demonic rattlesnake to kill Melchor and his horse. In the Middle East, Murcio has sent a geyser to stop Gaspar. In the jungle of Africa, Murcio has sent a mermaid to trick Baltazar and also a demonic crocodile. All of the three summoned curses were defeated by the kings. Murcio tries to stop Christmas in Bethlehem, but is stopped by the wise men's animals and also King Herod. Murcio reforms as an angel during the celebration of Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. He is last seen during the credits about what actor voiced him.


  • He is very similar to the Grinch from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!", both trying to ruin Christmas in a location.
  • Murcio is the first and only villain to reform as an angel.

Songs sung by Murcio

Todos Lastimados (All hurt) - Murcio sings a song of how he has been hurt and injured badly by his master Prince Olbaid.