Mung, also known as General Mung, is the main antagonist in the episode; The Painted Lady. He is a ruthless overseer of the factory that was built on the shores of the Jang Hui River.


Mung was the overseer of the Factory on the shores of Jang Hui River. He originally thought that both the factory and the village of Jang Hui could coexist. When Katara and Aang destroyed the factory, Mung initially thought that the villagers were responsible for the destruction of the Factory. He also blamed the villagers for stealing both medicine and food supplies (although these crimes were actually committed by Katara while she was disguised as the Painted Lady). Enraged, Mung, along with a small group of Fire Nation Soldiers, traveled to the village and destroyed it. However, Mung and the soldiers were confronted by Katara while she was disguised as the Painted Lady. She managed to succeed in frightening and dispersing Mung's forces. Mung, on the other hand, prepared to fight her, believing that there is such thing as the Painted Lady. But a well aimed airbending blast from Aang threw him into the polluted water, where he was picked up by one of his soldiers on a jet ski. After Katara's powerful display, General Mung and his men left the Jang Hui area; they had been warned by Katara (disguised as the Painted Lady,) never to return. What happened to Mung after this incident is unknown.

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