For the 1985 incarnation, please see Mumm-Ra (original).
You are but insects... TO THE POWER OF MUMM-RA! THE EVER-LIVING!!!
~ Mumm-Ra

Mumm-Ra is an undead sorcerer and the main antagonist of the 2011 ThunderCats series. Like his 1985 counterpart Mumm-Ra is the bound servant of the Ancient Spirits of Evil. His species is initially unknown, but he eventually reveals himself to be a humanoid vampire bat.

Little is known about Mumm-Ra's orgins. However at some point in the distant past Mumm-Ra commanded a fleet of warships that were combing space for Power Stones - stones of immense power that would make Mumm-Ra invincible. On his ships were several enslaved anthropomorphic animal species - including Cats, Birds, Dogs, Monkeys, Jackals, and Lizards that did Mumm-Ra's will.

After Mumm-Ra destroyed the Plunn-Darr star system to create material that would allow him to forge a very powerful sword, the Cat leader Leo lead a revolt against Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra's ship crashed on Third-Earth, and Mumm-Ra sealed himself in his sarcophagus. The various free animal species divided the Power Stones amongst themselves and proceeded to settle Third Earth.

Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living 2011

Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living!

For the next several millennia Mumm-Ra remained in hibernation. When he judged it safe he emerged from hibernation. Gathering willing allies, Mumm-Ra began a program to conquer Third Earth and re-enslave the various animal species living on Third-Earth.



This version of Mumm-Ra is shown to be just as ruthless, indignant, sadistic, and callous as his 1985 counterpart. This version of Mumm-Ra is shown to be seeking to impose order on a disorderly universe, unlike his 1985 counterpart who was only interested in obtaining power for himself and the Ancient Spirits of Evil, however he is willing to kill billions of individuals to achieve his goals. Despite his depraved personality, Mumm-Ra does have his limits. Mumm-Ra once described Kaynar and Addicus as guilty of "crimes, vile even to me."


  • The 2011 incarnation of Mumm-Ra was voiced by the British-American actor, Robin Atkin Downes. In addition to Mumm-Ra, Robin Atkin Downes also voiced the villains Solaris and Manchester Black.
  • Mumm-Rah from the 2011 cartoon is one of the evilest villains in the WB animated franchise alongside Thrax from Osmosis Jones, Jacques and The Evil Entity from the Scooby-Doo franchise and the some of the most dangerous DC animated villains. 
    Mumm Ra Intro(Thundercats 2011)00:45

    Mumm Ra Intro(Thundercats 2011)

Thundercats - Mumm-Ra 2011 Transformation00:50

Thundercats - Mumm-Ra 2011 Transformation

Mumm-Ra becoming Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living!