Multiple Santa

Multiple Santa is a villain who appears in both the animated and comic book version of Ben Edlund's series The Tick.

Animated Series

In The Tick Loves Santa! Multiple Santa starts out as an ordinary bank robber on Christmas dressed as Santa Claus to elude authorities. While being persued by police after a robbery, he runs into a neon sign. Instead of being killed by the electrocution that he recieves, he is enigmatically given the power to make electrical clones of himself. Soon, he begins to team up on superheroes. The Tick can not bring himself to attack him because he is dressed like Santa. Multiple Santa takes advantage of Tick's weakness and begins looting the city blind. He soon heads for the Cities hydroelectric plant, plotting to make an army of clones to take over the entire City. Still unable to physically attack "Santa," the Tick finds a work around by noogieing the clones instead, sending a static shock that  causes the clone to dissapear, informing Tick of the clone's weakness. He, Arthur, and other heros manage to decimate the clone army with static electricity until there is only the original left, who is sent to jail.

Comic book

In the original Tick comics by Ben Edlund, Multiple Santa was part of the Terror's gang. His actual abilities were never revealed in the comic's main run, because Edlund stopped writing original issues after the twelvth issue was released.