Multiple Man is a supporting antagonist in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand.

He was played by Eric Dane.


Multiple Man is a mutant, who has the ability to copy himself, kinetic energy absorption, hive mind empathy, bio-mass absorption, and healing balance, which he uses, and a history of stealing from banks. In X2, X-Men United, his real name, James Madrox, is seen on Colonel William Stryker's computer, when Mystique is hunting Magneto's file down. He tried to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge and his clones were planting the bombs upon Nightcrawler's and Storm's arrival. 

Nightcrawler gets into it with him while Storm fights the clones and then later he is sent to Bolivar Trask's prison. In The Last Stand, Magneto and his brotherhood take in Multiple Man and Juggernaut while saving Mystique. He later was a decoy at their temporary camp, when the government tried to arrest them. At the end of The Last Stand, he gets arrested again but it's not clear if he gets injected with the cure or not.


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