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Mulk is the secondary antagonist from The Ninja Warriors and it's remake, The Ninja Warriors Again.

Mulk is the leader of the resistance against the tyrannical government of Banglar. In order to fight Banglar's forces and overthrow his rule, the resistance started developing cyborgs, which were then called Ninja Warriors. As the cyborgs enter the testing stage, Banglar's forces finally find Mulk's hideout, so without any other options he sends the Ninja Warriors to fight. They successfully fight through Banglar's forces, invade the government palace and kill Banglar. With their mission complete, Mulk sets off their self-destruction mechanism, which destroys the entire place.

The death of Banglar sparks a revolution, and soon Mulk is elected the new president. However, Mulk decides to continue researching into his cyborgs, creating a force far stronger that Banglar's military power, thus making history repeat itself.

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