Mukesh 'Mike' Mehra is the main villain of the 2007 Bollywood film Om Shanti Om. He is a film producer who married
Shatnipriya for her money.  Shatnipriya was an actress and later became pregnant with Mukesh's child before Mukesh set her on fire in an abandoned studio when he lured her into a trap. Shatnipriya's fan and small-time actor Om Prakash Makhija discovered the truth about Shantipriya and he tried to save her but he was beaten by Mike's bodyguard, and he died in a hospital.  Years later after working in Hollywood, Mike returned to India when Om was reborn as a Bollywood superstar who remembers his desire to get revenge against Mike. Om hired him as a producer of Om Shanti Om when Om hired a Shatni lookalike to play the female lead. In the end Mike was killed by Shantiprya's ghost