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According to the infamous Christian fundamentalist Jack Chick, Muhammad was a deceiver who created the Islamic God Muhammad as a means of making himself look self-important. According to the controversial Chick Tract "Allah Had No Son", the God that the Muslims would be worshiping is actually a pagan moon god. This assertion originated as a fringe theory in the 1990s by American evangelists. The theory was coined by the late Hugo Winckler, and was continued to have been taught by other archaeologists and biblical scholars. This theory has been used a lot by those people that are very opposed to Islam, even though there might not be any substantial evidence to support their claims. Jack Chick himself is not known for using facts to back up his claims.

According to the Chick Tracts, Muhammad was really an egotistical man who desired notoriety. Because Muhammad wanted to make himself look big, he used the story of the moon god and altered the story and taught his followers to worship this god, and passed it off as the one true god and that he was his prophet.  This would lead to several Middle Eastern people into being indoctrinated into the Islamic faith, and also sparked radical fundamentalism in Islamic terrorists. According to the other Islamic tract "Men of Peace", Muhammad is currently in Hell along with anyone else who had rejected Christ.

Due to the lack of concrete evidence that Jack Chick provides on his Muslim-based tracts, these tracts have been met with a lot of scrutiny.


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