Ja, we like mice in Berlin, too. Maus mit Sauerkraut, mmmmm.
~ Muenster to Glory

Muenster Alexanderplatz is the minor antagonist from For Own Paws Only, the second book of the Spy Mice trilogy. He is a black rat from Berlin, loves eating mice and speaks in a strong German accent.



For Own Paws Only

Muenster arrives to New York for the Global Rodent Roundtable, alongside with the rest of the rat crime lords. He is as ominous as Gorgonzola, as they are both known for eating mice. When the Spy Mice Agency discovers the G.R.R., one of its scared agent calls Muenster "Monster".

During the whole G.R.R., Muenster is quite inactive. His first bigger role comes when Mozzarella Canal and he stops the brawl between Roquefort Dupont and Stilton Piccadilly as it is possible humans could see them and call the rodent control. He also doesn't agree with Dupont's idea to learn to read, and claims reading is only for "those miserable short-tails".

When the rats manage to kidnap Glory Goldenleaf, Muenster and Gorgonzola threaten Glory to eat her while they are in the museum. As Muenster says, he likes mice with pickled cabbage.

Later, Muenster and all the rats get stuck on the Mayflower float when the mice cut the ropes and the float flies away due its balloons.


Muenster is briefly shown in the third book, too. He survives the flight, as some Norwegian fishermen find the float and get it on their trawler. During their time on the ship, Muenster and the other rats are forced to eat fish only and they are soon just skin end bone.

After landing in a Norwegian harbor, Muenster is shocked to see himself in the showcase and the first thing he wants to do is eating. He then returns to Berlin.


  • Muenster is named after an American blue cheese of the same name. His surname comes from a large public square Alexanderplatz which is located in Berlin.
  • As the G.R.R. is the conference for rat leaders, Muenster is obviously a crime lord of a rat gang in Berlin (like Dupont in Washington), although it was never specified in the book. He also didn't travel with his henchmen (if he has some), in opposite of Dupont.