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Mudslinger is an elderly villain from My Life as a Teenage Robot. He first appeared in the episode The Great Unwashed". In his debut he is hired by Brit Crust and Tiff Crust to ruin Jenny's new paint job due to it giving her popularity and an invitation to Don Prima's party. Mudslinger gladly accepted this job and pretends to be hurt to lure Jenny into a trap. Eventually he succeeded at ruining her paint job but soon becomes terrified as Jenny approached him while smashing a wall with a mallet. Mudslinger starts to beg for mercy while also revealing it was the Crust Cousins idea and he's just doing his job. Jenny whom is still furious starts to rush towards him. As Mudslinger falls down in fear, he says he sympathizes with her as he never was popular or invited to a party. Hearing this Jenny gives him her invitation much to his delight. Once he arrived at the party he starts ruining the event and saying the Crust Cousins invited him and claimed they said the Don Prima's parties where boring.

He, Vladimir, Lancer, and the Mad Hammer Bros. formed the Legion of Evil to seek their shared vengeance on Jenny. But luckily, they failed.