A small reward for my efforts.
~ Mudlap

Mudlap is a dwarfish thief and a minor villain in the 1997 Chinese-American fantasy movie Warriors of Virtue.

He was portrayed by Michael J. Anderson (originally credited as Michael John Anderson).


Mudlap spends his days stealing from other people and taking tasks and favors, for a price. He never does things for free.

Ryan Jeffers after his unexpected arrival in Tao came across a dwarf-like Mudlap who attempted to robbed him when he was struck by a small blade thrown by Elysia, a beautiful girl who takes him to Master Chung who leads the Warriors of Virtue, the five protectors of Tao. Mudlap was trapped on a tree.

Mudlap later appeared at the village where the last lifespring of Tao remains, the night he came to Ryan with an offer. The deal was to hand over the recovered Manuscript of Legend to Ryan in exchange for a reward. Ryan agreed and gave him his electronic watch before leaving with him. Turns ou it was a trap: Mudlap led Ryan into a forest, only for him to kidnapped by General Grillo on Lord Komodo's orders. Mudlap was rewarded with a vial of zubrium.

Upset about the sudden and abrupt losses and betrayals, Ryan's only desire is to return home. Mudlap feels sorry for what he had done and returns the watch that Ryan had given him originally, but Ryan refused, knowing that Mudlap only cares about himself and how much he get. While leaving, he tells him where the Warriors had convened, at the old temple ruins that once honored the Warriors of Virtue.

Mudlap later disappears and was never seen again.