Mu Gamma Xi are the main antagonists and rivals of the Theta Nu Theta in Stomp the yard.

They are a university fraternity who competing in a break dance battle against Theta Nu Theta fraternity. They never lose a battle and win every times against them. Until if someone in Theta Nu Theta are better break dancers. But they also showing a good side when they lose the battle. Because same if they still the rivals of the Theta Nu Theta they are not that bad.



He's the first leader of the team, and the main antagonist of the first film. He was also the boyfriend of April but she dump him after he can't remember her favorite color. When he see her with DJ he was angry after him. but him and his team found an article who said DJ was in jail for a fight. When he see DJ was return to his team he steal his move because a member of his team has filming him. But show him he was a good competitor after congratulated DJ teams. He wanted to recruit DJ but he refuse but see he became a Theta.


After Grant left after his last year, Taz was named the new leader of Mu Gammu Xi who humiliated the Theta Nu Theta at the presentation night.He also insulted James everytimes. He's Janice boyfriend after James was dumped by her because she was in love with Taz. He also tell Jay where his superstar was Jay told him to not worry about him. But when james return for dance with his team and win the battle and defeated the Mu gamma once again. He go to the garage for leave the place when he heard the leader of the street gang menacing James and now  knew why James was not there at first. When all of the Theta go to james defense Taz and his team do the same for protecting all of the Theta. Because outside the competition they are all friends. Taz is the secondary main antagonist in Stomp the Yard: Homecoming; the main antagonist is the guy that Chance owes money to.




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