The Msiras

The Msiras

The Msiras are cowardly simian-like low class demons that served as enemies in Devil May Cry 2. They are the avatars of savagery and greed.

These vicious creatures are now being summoned and controlled by modern occultist Arius as part of his evil corporation's private army of enforcers along with their even more furocious 'relatives', the Orangguerras.


These vile demonic creatures in appearance and behavior, are simian, monkey-like, and they have sharp fangs and claws.

Types of Msiras


Looks timid, but do not forget, they are the avatar of savagery and greed.

This type of Msiras which is the most notable of all the other Msira demons appears to have small amounts of dark, plum-like smoke ejecting from their back, but yet, this type of smoke acts as some kind of aura.


Their unhallowed flame represents the burning desire their victims once had.

This type of Msiras called Homromsira are easily distinguishable by the fire on their back along with their skin being orange in color.


Their ill-natured resentment has generated a deadly venom.

This type of Msiras called Gbusmsira can stand on two legs. However, unlike the others, they has nothing on their back. they are only quite distinguishable from the other types of their kind when they spit a deadly venom of theirs and their skin appears to be somewhat dark blue.


Always under the influence of the evil environment, they are stronger than the ones living in the human world.

This type of Msiras called Jomothumsira has covered their body with dark smoke which acts as some kind of aura. Each of them can also stand on their two hind legs. They always appear only within the demon world, because of this, they are more powerful than their other Msira counterparts.



  • The Msira enemies are actually the citizens of Dumary Island transformed, due to being consumed by evil.

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